Stories from the Road – The RV in the Sod Field

There are fascinating stories all around us if only we will pay attention. Each day on my way to work I pass by several fascinating “mysteries” and points of interest that I have decided to share here. It’s all a part of the ordinary every day life we each live, but too seldom pause to appreciate how truly extraordinary life really is.

I have chosen to start with this simple image that evokes such mystery to me. Here was the view from my passenger window several days ago.

Out the window of Big Daddy, my Ram 3500

Besides immediately noticing the awesome side mirror that shows both behind and the blind spots in Big Daddy (that’s what I named my Ram 3500, and yes fellas, of course he has the 6.7L Cummins turbo under the hood!) Look out the window, at the field. Do you see it?

This motor home showed up close to a year ago. One day there it was, pulling a car behind it parked in the middle of this sod field. Soon the car was unhitched. One day an older man was pushing a lawn mower, tending to the grass on each side of the long driveway into his “home” spot

I was fascinated. Why on earth would someone choose to set up camp in the middle of a field in Sampson County NC? Sidenote: my ride takes me across Johnston County, Sampson County, Johnston County again, Sampson County again and then into Harnett County so I am not 100% sure it is in Sampson County; I’ll have to pay better attention to the Welcome To / You are Leaving signs. Back to my story… Why on earth would someone pick that particular spot to bring an RV and car to and set up camp? Out in the middle of the country, nothing much around, shows no signs of building a house or making a permanent structure, simply has the RV parked there and is settled in for however long.

Winter came and one day I noticed something I had missed – even though I looked at it every day of the work week. Zooming in a bit. Look closer.

RV in the Sod Field

Fascinating, isn’t it? For those like me who for far too long looked but did not see I will zoom again in case you do not see it.

Closer still…

There it is, surrounded by trees and brush

Fascinating, isn’t it? And a bit melancholy? I wonder if this was his home place, the house where he grew up?

Isn’t it funny how life takes us full circle sometimes? We grow up, can’t wait to move on and move “up” and climb that old ladder of success only to to find one day we wake up and want to go back. Back to a simpler time, get off the ever spinning hamster wheel and climb down OFF the “ladder of success”. We long to return to a simpler time.

I wonder if any of those memories of the times he spent here are now – from the other side of life- the sweetest and most treasured memories he has? I don’t see anyone else there and no animals. The house is in such disrepair it probably is not worth breathing new life into. I don’t see him outside too often but the car is moved around often so someone is still there. There he is, living the day to day.

Some days I wonder if it is love or hate that draws him there? What if it is hate, memories of a terrible life he thought he would never be free of. What if he stays there in defiance of situations or people in life that threatened to defeat him? What if it is victory that drew him back? Victory over all that made him who he is?

Or perhaps, it is simply love that draws him back. Love for people and times now past. Coming home. Home to a place where the memories are alive and well within his soul. Where the peace and love of long past family lingers and soothes his soul. I hope he is there for love, not hate. I hope whoever this fellow sojourner is that he has peace, and finds love and joy in sweet memories of those who have past before him.

Sometimes I think about stopping and asking this man his story, but I want to respect his privacy. And, truth be told, I want to believe that he has come home to a place where the grass is green, the air is fresh, the memories are sweet and the love of a family now passed and waiting on the other side is enough to sustain a wandering fellow sojourner until he too passes from this earth and goes home. This is my prayer for him.